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PIP Arbitration / Insurance Claims

Auto-Insurance carriers frequently deny or improperly reduce reimbursement payments to medical providers for automobile no-fault claims. The Cedar Law Firm, LLC has been successful in recovering unpaid fees for orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, pain management facilities, diagnostic testing facilities, and doctors by filing arbitrations providing a means by which doctors and medical providers can pursue their claims for outstanding medical bills through a binding arbitration process.

At The Cedar Law Firm, we remain in direct contact with our clients providing updates throughout the arbitration proceedings. We have been successful in securing payment for unpaid medical claims in a substantial number of cases in New Jersey. As a result of our success, providers consistently refer our services, and the list of providers we represent continues to grow.

If an insurance provider has denied payment for services rendered to an injured party in an automobile accident, homeowners or commercial matter, feel free to contact our firm. Our experienced attorneys will work with you to pursue the claim through New Jersey’s legal process. At The Cedar Law Firm, we strive to provide the most complete and comprehensive legal solutions available for our clients.

If you are a doctor, chiropractor, physical therapy provider or medical provider, our lawyers can help you receive payment for services rendered to patients under New Jersey's no-fault auto insurance laws through Forthright. Forthright proclaims that it is a global provider of process design, automation, and management solutions, and they have been selected by the State of New Jersey to administer No-Fault Insurance Personal Injury Protection (PIP) arbitrations under the State’s Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act. 

The Cedar Law Firm  attorneys have succeeded in receiving payment for outstanding medical bills in hundreds of cases. Our lawyers and experienced PIP staff handle PIP arbitration cases at no cost or fee to the medical provider. All of our PIP attorney’s fees and costs are paid by the PIP insurer as part of the PIP award. This means that the doctor or healthcare provider pays no attorneys fees. When The Cedar Law Firm obtains compensation for you, the PIP insurer who did not pay your bill will pay The Cedar Law Firm’s PIP attorney fees and costs.  

Pre-certification of Medical Treatment

Patients, doctors, and/or providers must pre-certify certain types of medical treatment for patients injured in automobile accidents. Failure to pre-certify or properly appeal the denial of precertification may result in the insurance company denying payment. Frequently, insurance companies will contest the medical necessity of medical or chiropractic treatment and physical therapy for injuries to the neck and back. Insurance companies also commonly contest the need for diagnostic tests, such as MRIs and EMG/NCV studies. Our lawyers and trained PIP staff can help doctors and providers navigate this complex area of the law.

Forthright PIP Arbitrations

Forthright began administering No-Fault PIP claims in New Jersey on April 1, 2011. 

After an insurance company denies payment for services rendered to patients injured in automobile accidents, patients, doctors, diagnostic testing facilities and medical providers may file an Arbitration Demand with the Forthright. This is not a lawsuit but rather, it is a formal request for Forthright to appoint an arbitrator to resolve the dispute between the provider and the insurance company. The arbitrators are licensed attorneys who have experience in PIP arbitrations and dispute resolution. The decisions of the arbitrators are binding on both sides of the dispute. Our lawyers have successfully represented doctors and providers in PIP arbitrations since New Jersey created its binding arbitration process in 1998. 

Our attorneys have also brought appeals in the Superior Court of New Jersey and have handled PIP matters in the Appellate Court of New Jersey on behalf of medical providers.

Free Consultation to Medical Providers

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with a skilled New Jersey car accident lawyer , PIP arbitration lawyer or PIP specialist. We offer direct access to our attorneys 24 hours a day, just call our office at 1 877-7-NJLAW or 1 856-874-7500 to reach us. If you cannot come to our office, we will come to you.

Free Consultation
Verdicts & Settlements

$250,000.00 Motor vehicle settlement resulting in aggravation of prior back surgeries.

$450,000.00 Settlement as a result of plaintiff stepping onto a damaged water meter cover causing neck injury, broken right foot; and injury to both knees $450,000.00 and right elbow.

$290,000.00 Motor vehicle settlement with alleged closed head injury and fractures in the spine and ribs.

$282,000.00 Slip and fall on ice settlement for a permanent left ankle injury.

$500,000.00 Hostile work environment settlement.

$400,000.00 Motor vehicle settlement for RSD of the right arm.

$400,000.00 Settlement of a fall off unsafe loading dock resulting in rotator cuff tear of shoulder.

$520,000.00 Settlement of fall through attic with alleged traumatic brain injury.

$200,000.00 Motor vehicle collision settlement for aggravation of preexisting memory loss and sternum fracture with disc herniation.

$685,500.00 Motor vehicle collision settlement for wrist, left elbow, back, and left knee injury.

$580,000.00 Settlement as a result of a fall out of bed in tractor trailer when other tractor trailer struck his parked truck causing a closed head injury.

$894,000.00 Settlement for a fall off the roof, resulting in fractures and dislocation of left foot.

$510,000.00 Settlement of tractor trailer multi vehicle chain reaction case.

$750,000.00 Settlement of survival and wrongful death matter where plaintiff died from complications after surgery as a result of injuries from an automobile accident.

$548,028.01 Verdict for pain and suffering only in wrongful death matter where plaintiff was ejected from rear of car and was dead upon emergency response arrival.

$1,500,000.00 New Jersey Superior Court verdict for pain and suffering from car accident with new lumbar and cervical radiculopathy and new lumbar disc bulge, superimposed on preexisting degeneration and prior bulging and herniated cervical discs.

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